HTH 42042 Super 3″ Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, 5 lbs


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BENEFITS: Sanitizes and protects your pool water so you can enjoy swimming in clean and clear water all season long

USE: Place a tab in pool skimmer, floater, or feeder for simple, DIY pool care; 1 tablet treats 10,000 gallons of water for up to a week

COMPATIBILITY: Vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems

FEATURES: Kills bacteria and algae; Chlorinates for up to 1 week; Clarifies water; Sun protected for longer chlorine life

INCLUDES: One 5-lb container of Super Chlorinating Tablets for swimming pools

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HTH Super 3” Chlorinating tablets keep your swimming pool clean and clear with a 4-in-1 formula that sanitizes pool water and protects against chlorine loss due to sun exposure. This formula includes built-in algae protection and clarifier for an amazing value in DIY pool care. Apply tablets to feeders, floaters or the skimmer basket, adding 1 tablet for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. HTH 3” tablets dissolve slowly and last up to one week. They’re great for vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems. About the Brand: HTH was developed with the consumer in mind, offering products that are both economical and powerful enough for the toughest jobs. Within HTH’s wide selection of products, we offer everything you need for your pool, from algaecides and deposit control formulas to non-chlorine shock treatments, powerful surface cleaners, clarifiers, enzyme-based cleaners, and more. If you like using HTH, check out some of the other similar brands from our parent company, Sigura. With brands like Applied Biochemists, Leisure Time, GLB, Spa Selections, and PooLife, Sigura has a long heritage and more than a century of experience in developing innovative water treatment solutions for use in pools, lakes, ponds, hot tubs, and more. At Sigura, we have an unparalleled passion, pride, and commitment to delivering superior water treatments that improve the environment and enhance the security, health, and safety of the global communities we serve. With our track record of innovation and simple, intuitive solutions that anticipate needs, Sigura customers feel more secure as they enjoy their pools, spas, ponds, and lakes.


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